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WSFFA’s Legislative Historical Review: 2020-1935

The Washington State Fire Fighters' Association was established in 1923.  The mission in part is to represent the volunteer firefighter.  It was the case then as it is now, to be vigilant in representing and improving the health & welfare of the volunteer.  While diligent over of the years, the WSFFA’s efforts began showing real worth in the legislative arena during the 1991 legislative session, when the WSFFA President, Joe Basta appointed then Board member T.J. Nedrow as the Association’s Legislative Chairman.

In 2000, the WSFFA increased its investment in the volunteer as the Association began contracting the services of Ms. Tamara Warnke, a Government Affairs Consultant.  Thus began a significant endeavor that has resulted in further representation, benefits and opportunities for the volunteer

True to the tagline; “Serving the Volunteer Fire Service Since 1923” your WSFFA representatives have continued to make a difference during the Washington legislative sessions and beyond.

With literally hundreds of pieces of legislation introduced each year that garner the attention of the legislative committee, we must rely on the WSFFA’s overarching priorities. The efforts of the WSFFA Legislative Committee in general shall relate to:



To better keep you, our volunteers informed, we have provided a high-level recap of State legislation that the WSFFA have advocated, monitored and or testified to.

The * asterisk denotes legislation that has a direct benefit to the volunteer.



*ESSB 5829 Concerning pension benefits and contributions in the volunteer firefighters' and reserve officers' relief and pension system



HB 1170 Modifying the expiration date of certain fire mobilization laws


HB 1489  Concerning private wildland fire suppression contractors



*HB 1382  Addressing the delivery of basic fire fighting training and testing


HB 2007  Concerning reimbursement to eligible providers for Medicaid ground emergency medical transportation services



*HB 1180  Addressing death benefits for volunteer fire fighters and reserve officers



*HB 1136 Creating volunteer firefighter special license plates


HB 1406 Establishing the intrastate building safety mutual aid system


HB 1585  Establishing the intrastate mutual aid system


*HB 1723  Addressing volunteer firefighting.  Expands the definition of (volunteer) fire fighter


*SB 5365 Authorizing the purchase of retirement pension coverage by certain volunteer fire fighters



HB 2464  Implementing rules and penalties for drivers when approaching certain emergency, roadside assistance, or police vehicles in emergency zones


*HB 2519  Addressing duty-related death benefits for public safety employees


HB 2617  Eliminating certain boards and commissions


HB 2667  Concerning communications during a forest fire response


*HB 2823  Permitting retired participants to resume volunteer firefighter, emergency worker, or reserve officer service


SB 6418  Regarding cities and towns annexed to fire protection districts


SB 6546  Allowing the state director of fire protection to refuse membership in the public employees' retirement system



*HB 1024  Phasing out the use of polybrominated diphenyl ethers


*HB 1475  Adding members to the state board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers


*HB 2147  Providing vocational rehabilitation services for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers


*SB 5511  Requiring state agencies to allow volunteer firefighters to respond when called to duty



*HB 2366  Making certain communications between fire fighters and peer support group counselors privileged


*HB 2606  Allowing volunteer fire fighter personnel to hold elective or appointed office


*SB 5135  Addressing volunteer fire fighters' and reserve officers' relief and pensions



*HB 1110  Increasing the monthly pensions for volunteer fire fighters and reserve officers


*SB 5176 Providing wildland fire fighting training



*HB 1004  Adjusting disability payments


HB 1371  Allowing participation in health care authority insurance plans and contracts by surviving spouses and dependent children of emergency service personnel killed in the line of duty


*HB 1420  Prohibiting discrimination against volunteer fire fighters


*HB 2493  Removing the limitation on the number of volunteer fire fighters



*HB 1219 Changing relief and retirement pension provisions under chapter 41.24 RCW


HB 1556  Increasing timeliness of fire death reports


HB 2993  Setting fires for fire fighter instruction


*SB 5102  Funding fire fighter training and pensions



*SB 5217  Providing death benefits for volunteer fire fighters




HB 1453  Providing for reserve officers' retirement


HB 1483  Revising provisions on the prevention and suppression of forest wild fires


HB 2791  Clarifying assault in the third degree to include county fire marshal's office


*SB 5294  Paying for fire fighters' retirement provisions


*SB 5322  Studying providing a death benefit award


*SB 6220  Increasing disability and death benefits for volunteer fire fighters



SB 6025  Changing fire insurance premium provisions relating to cities and counties



*HB 2398  Revising provisions for the volunteer fire fighters' relief and pension fund



*The joint survivor option was added to pension option


*Pension payment increased from $150.00 to $200.00


*Members with less than 25 years of service were allowed to vest

*Pension payment increased from $100.00 to $150.00


*Limited offer: new members were able to buy back years of service


*The Board for Volunteer Firemen was established to administer the Volunteer Firemen's Relief & Pension Act (RCW 41.24)


*The volunteer fireman pension plan started and administered by the State Auditor


*The volunteer fireman relief plan started and was administered by the State Auditor


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