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If any member wants to comment on the Bylaw changes they can contact via email to or attend a scheduled meeting.

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All fire departments, regional firefighter associations and or active firefighters in the State of Washington shall be eligible for membership in this Association

  1. All fire departments, regional firefighter associations and or active firefighters in the State of Washington desiring to become members of this Association shall make application in writing to the Secretary of this Association and specifiy the name of the department, regional, or individual name, city or fire district.
  2. Honorary Life members shall be added to the rolls of this Association as provided in Article II Section 5 of this Constitution by recommendation of any department, regional association or delegate and action taken shall be by motion and voted on by the Association.
  3. The members of the Board of Trustees, when in actual service for the Association, shall receive actual expenses for such service subject to the approval of the Board.
  4. The Secretary/Treasurer of this Association shall give bond in the sum of not less than $ 10,000 each to be approved by the Board of Trustees condition to faithfully perform their duties and to account for funds of the Association coming into their hands, premium of said bonds to be paid by the Association.
  5. Money in each of the working funds named in Article IX may be invested as considered appropriate by the Treasurer upon approval of the Board of Trustees.
  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call of officers
  3. Reading minutes
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Committee reports
  6. Election of Trustees
  7. Unfinished business
  8. Conference reports
  9. New business
  10. Good of the order
  11. Adjournment
  1. The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern this Association in the conduct of its business, unless otherwise modified by the Constitution and By-laws.
  2. Every person, before speaking on any question, shall address the chair giving their name and the department to which they belong.
  3. Where two persons rise at once, the presiding officer shall name the one to speak first, giving preference to the person speaking for the first time on the question.
  4. No delegate shall interrupt another in their remarks except to call to a point of order.
  5. A motion shall not be opened for discussion until it has been properly seconded and stated from the chair.
  6. Voting shall be by voice, but any member may require a roll call of the delegates.

The following shall be the dues or fees assessed for members of this Association:

  1. Active fire departments and fire protection districts: $100-200 Annually
  2. Active Individual:
    • Annual: $25
    • 2-Year: $40
  3. Regional Firefighting Association: $100
  4. Associate Member: $125

Committees shall consist of, but not be limited to the following:

  • Internal Policies & Procedures
  • Financial
  • Publication
  • Legislation
  • Scholarship
  • Merit & Lifesaving Award
  • Publicity & Growth
  • Museum
  • Conference & Meetings
  • Historical
  • Drill Ground Competition
  • Scholastic Competition

The Scholastic Competition Committee shall be chaired by the Conference Supervisor and shall include a representative of Fire Service Training and one member of the Board of Trustees.

It shall be the duty of the Competition Committees to establish rules and oversee the running of all competitions of the WSFFA These would include but not be limited to, conference examination, hose evolution, and make and break. The decisions of these committees shall be final.

Revision Date Revision Approved

3/28/01 Bylaw article III Section 1-July-1999

3/28/01 Bylaw article V Section 1-July-1999

3/28/01 Bylaw Appendix A May-1999
Increase membership dues

6/05/02 Change all Secretary and Treasurer July-2001
to Secretary/Treasurer

6/05/02 Take out Widows and Orphans July-2000
from Bylaws

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