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Past Presidents Page

Welcome to The Past Presidents Page                                                          


Dedicated to leaders of the Washington State Fire Fighters' Association


Pursuant to tradition, WSFFA acknowledges and honors its leaders of yesterday in several fashions.  A Leader: the person who leads, commands a group or organization.   President: an officer appointed or elected to preside over an organized body of persons.

From our inception in 1923, the Washington State Firemens Association, now the Washington State Fire Fighters' Association has been blessed with leaders (rising to possessing presidential command qualities.)  Some have gone on to become leaders of other State and National fire service organizations, committees, Government appointments, and successful fire service careers.

The past Presidents Luncheon is a mainstay of the Annual Conference activities.  The custom evolved decades ago from a breakfast to a luncheon as is a long-standing tradition of honoring leaders that has made the WSFFA great.  Gone are the color-coordinated blazers replaced by personalized blue shirts and president’s badge at the annual past Presidents Luncheon.  Recent events will be recalled as exceptional.  2022 found 12 presidents gathered in the room. The presidents recorded a total of 23 terms, and an incredible 386 years of fire service careers!

Not to be outdone, the 2023 luncheon has an unprecedented 15 presidents attending amounting to 37 years & terms served!

2023; Presidents Attending the 100th WSFFA Conference

54th President Wayne Britton 1978
56th President Fred Allinson 1980
59th President Wayne Garden 1983-1984
60th President Ed Johnson 1985-1986
62nd President Jack Quien 1989-1990
63rd President Joe Basta 1991-1992
64th President Lloyd Hazzard 1993
66th, 68th, 73rd, 75th President T.J. Nedrow 1996, 1998, 2007-2009, 2012-2014
67th President Jay Matsen 1997-1998
72nd President Larry Creekmore 2006
74th President Ken Blake 2010-2012
76th President Andrew Schaffran 2015-2017
78th President Dave Neff 2019-2022


2022; Presidents Attending the 99th WSFFA Conference

51st President Gary Cole 1975
54th President Wayne Britton 1978
56th President Fred G. Allinson 1980
60th President Ed Johnson 1985-86
62nd President Jack Quien 1989-90
63rd President Joe Basta 1991-92
64th President Lloyd Hazzard 1993
66th 68th 73rd 75th President T.J. Nedrow 1996, 1999, 2007-09, 2013-15
71st President Ron Roy 2003-05
72nd President Larry Creekmore 2006
76th President Andrew Schaffran 2016-18
78th President Dave Neff 2020-22

Our Recent losses —In Remembrance 


59th President Robert Conner 2018
77th President John Ostergard 2018
61st President Mark Kammers 2020
41st President Robert Ely 2021
69th President Robert Reichel 2022


Rest in Peace Faithful Servants



Compiled herein is the listing of WSFFA Presidents as noted on the annual President’s Luncheon placemats.   We hope you enjoy reading the bio’s we’ve compiled dating back to 1923.

President Place Mat 2023

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Our leaders of the past have been tremendously involved and influential on many levels.  Their contributions are endless resulting in having served the local volunteers (and otherwise reached those through the nation and worldwide efforts.)  We salute the selfless service of the many we once called Mr. President.

(x) denotes the number of WSFFA Presidents having served in the particular position and/or committee.

*2023—of the 78 Presidents, there have been too many promoted to Fire Chiefs to have tracked*

  • Board of Volunteer Fire Fighters Board (1) (Gubernatorial appointment)
  • Fire Chief Magazine's 1999 Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year (1)
  • Fire Service Training Advisory Board (1)
  • Emergency Responder Safety Institute Advisory Group (1)
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs Wildland Committee (1)
  • King County Fire Chief’s Award (1)
  • National Benefit Summit Venue Chair (1)
  • National Traffic Incident Management Coalition (1)
  • NFPA Volunteer Organization and Deployment Standards (1)
  • NFPA Traffic Control Management Professional Qualifications Standards Secretary (1)
  • NVFC Chairman (1)
  • NVFC Directors (4)
  • NVFC Legislative Chair (1)
  • NVFC Wildland Committee Chair (1)
  • NVFC EMS/Rescue Section Secretary (1)
  • NVFC Representative to the World Federation of Volunteer Firefighters (1)
  • Transportation Safety Advancement Group (1)
  • Transportation Research Board Subcommittee on Emergency Responders (1)
  • Washington Firefighters Training & Education Fund (8)
  • Washington Fire Chiefs Association President (3)
  • Western Fire Chiefs Association President (1)
  • Washington State 911 Advisory Committee (1)
  • Washington State Fire Protection Policy Board (FPPB) Chairman (1) (Gubernatorial appointment Member (2)
  • Washington State FPPB Master Plan Workgroups (4)
  • Washington State FPPB Certification & Accreditation Committee Chair (1) Committee (2)
  • Washington State FPPB Training & Education Committee (2)
  • Washington Traffic Incident Management Coalition Chair (1) Committee (2)
  • Washington Widows and Spouses Board (1)


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