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ESSB 5829 Volunteer F/F Pension Improvement Bill Clears the House

ESSB 5829 Volunteer F/F Pension Improvement Bill Clears the House, Two steps Remain

The phrase of “Do You Believe in Miracles” was associated with the silent cheer at 3:40 PM Friday February 6 th in the House Legislature gallery by the folks working the bill.  The long hard journey of the 2019-2020 volunteer FF pension bill had cleared a near impossible hurdle.  At every turn this important volunteer firefighter bill was met with snag after snag.  All the nearly endless hours and days of strategies and leg work finally paid off.  This was similar to commanding an incident without knowing all the facts and conditions, aka a moving target for the WSFFA Legislative Team.
In short: The bill will now go for Senate concurrence by the end of the 60-day session Wednesday the 12th.  Next, on to the Governor for signature.  Once scheduled, the date and details for signature will be advertised on our Facebook and WSFFA webpage.  Please consider participating in this important event.

Check back for more details as they become availablece introduction text here.

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