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About Us

The WSFFA has been in existence since 1923 and is the oldest statewide fire service organization.

Our Mission

Washington State Fire Fighters’ Association mission is to provide information, education, benefits and representation to the volunteer fire service of the State of Washington in order to enhance their capabilities and professionalism.

Our Presidents

President No. Year of Presidency First Name Last Name Conference Location
1st 1923 F. E. Sterns Yakima
1924 F. E. Sterns Yakima
2nd 1925 Ray H. Hare Puyallup
3rd 1926 L. R. Barnes Walla Walla
4th 1927 Charles H. Tracy Chehalis
5th 1928 Jack F. Lindsey Wenatchee
6th 1929 Hugh H. Leslie Everett
7th 1930 Res L. Putnam Kelso
8th 1931 E. C. Kuehner Port Angeles
9th 1932 Chris Kaufman Yakima
10th 1933 W. A. Groce Bellingham
11th 1934 Lyle J. Ficklin Vancouver
12th 1935 L. L. Burgunder Spokane
13th 1936 H. S. Jenkins Tacoma
14th 1937 W. E. Ropes Everett
15th 1938 F. M. Wilcox Wenatchee
16th 1939 G. E. Caine Spokane
17th 1940 Jens Bugge Port Angeles
18th 1941 W. K. (Pete) Moore Yakima
19th 1942 Clarence Dullahart No Conference
1943 Clarence Dullahart Yakima
20th 1944 Bruce V. Nelson Bellingham
21st 1945 Axel E. Melander Yakima
22nd 1946 Wilbur Morrison Bremerton
23rd 1947 Art B. Wright Wenatchee
24th 1948 W. K. Weaver Bellingham
25th 1949 Don J. Maloy Vancouver
26th 1950 Harold Thompson Port Angeles
27th 1951 C. M. Wright Ellensburg
28th 1952 Hal Gardner Yakima
29th 1961 Harold Amos Tri-Cities
30th 1965 Robert H. Ely Vancouver
31st 1969 Robert Reichel Moses Lake
32nd 1970 Charles Wadsworth Bellevue
33rd 1971 Clay Bain Long Beach Peninsula
34th 1972 David Srail Ellensburg
35th 1973 John Soden Angle Lake/Des Moines
36th 1974 Robert C. Corner Yakima
37th 1975 Gary Cole Olympia
38th 1976 Bill Lane Vancouver
39th 1977 LeRoy Kunkel Spokane
40th 1978 Wayne Britton Ocean Shores
41st 1979 Tom Cameron Olympia
42nd 1980 Fred Allinson Yakima
43rd 1982 Skip Claude Wells Ocean Shores
44th 1983 Wayne Garden Wenatchee
1984 Wayne Garden Lacey
45th 1985 Edwin Johnson Pasco
1986 Edwin Johnson Vancouver
46th 1987 Mark Kammers Burien
1988 Mark Kammers Yakima
47th 1989 Jack Quien Tumwater
1990 Jack Quien Yakima
48th 1991 Joe Basta Tumwater
1992 Joe Basta Kennewick
49th 1993 Lloyd Hazzard Tumwater
50th 1994 Brian McMahan Wenatchee
1995 Brian McMahan Ocean Shores
51st 1996 T. J. Nedrow Wenatchee
52nd 1997 Jay Matsen Tumwater
1998 Jay Matsen Tumwater
53rd 1999 T. J. Nedrow Wenatchee
54th 2000 Chad Clay Wenatchee
55th 2001 Tim McKern Wenatchee
2002 Tim McKern Wenatchee
56th 2003 Ron Roy Wenatchee
2004 Ron Roy Wenatchee
2005 Ron Roy Wenatchee
57th 2006 Larry Creekmore Wenatchee
58th 2007 T. J. Nedrow Wenatchee
2008 T. J. Nedrow Wenatchee
2009 T. J. Nedrow Wenatchee
59th 2010 Ken Blake Wenatchee
2011 Ken Blake Wenatchee
60th 2012 TJ Nedrow Wenatchee
2013 TJ Nedrow Wenatchee
2014 TJ Nedrow Wenatchee
2015 TJ Nedrow Wenatchee
62nd 2015 Andrew Schaffran Wenatchee
2016 Andrew Schaffran Wenatchee
2017 Andrew Schaffran Wenatchee
2018 Andrew Schaffran Wenatchee
63rd 2019 John Ostergard Wenatchee
64th 2020 David Neff Wenatchee
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